“Africa’s growth potential offers untapped long-term returns”

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Despite the known challenges, many Africans maintain a profound optimism about the future.  Almost everyone is thinking about how to be an entrepreneur at some level!  In the past, successful entrepreneurs focused heavily on resource exploitation and extraction.  Today’s African entrepreneurs are interested in a much more valuable proposition: solving problems.  Why is this so strategic?  Because people pay for what they value…and solving the toughest of problems can be a great entrepreneurial proposition.

At Impact Marketplace we are connecting values-driven investors with high impact investment opportunities in Africa. Some of the problem-solving enterprises in our pipeline of investments include agri-processors linking smallholder farmers to export destinations around the world, affordable faith-based private early-education centers, storage for crops to reduce wastage, water security in a franchise model, and tilapia farming in partnership with local communities in Lake Victoria.

Please take a minute to read this article written by an African in an African business news magazine. It underscores with facts the reasons to believe that long-term investments in Africa are indeed an exciting avenue to realize significant impact with positive returns.