the impact marketplace model

Recycling your donor capital

To learn more about transforming lives through impact investing

  1. Contact us to ask questions or set up a time to talk about your interests and impact objectives for your charitable capital, for accounts of $25,000 and higher.


To begin transforming lives even more quickly

  1. Open an Impact Account today 
  2. Fund your new account (minimum of $25,000) with either a new contribution or by granting funds from an existing donor advised fund or private foundation. Our address is PO Box 25277, Overland Park, KS 66225-5277. More instructions on how to do this here
  3. Research the enterprises seeking capital as shown on the Impact Marketplace
  4. Allow us to monitor and report back to you on the impact and financial returns of your chosen investments
  5. As returns flow back into your Impact Account, continue to look for other Kingdom impact investment opportunities on Impact Marketplace or advise us to donate those funds to an approved charity



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