Impact Marketplace Centurions

Seek to emulate the faith of the Roman centurion of Matthew 8:5-13




Want to use Kingdom impact investing to maximize the results of their donor capital

Believe in the power of impact enterprises to deliver economic, social and spiritual transformation

Donate $100,000 or more into an Impact Account (DAF) to Invest in Kingdom enterprise(s)

Willing to provide support and advice to the leadership team to advance the cause of Kingdom impact investing

Desire to share the power of Kingdom impact investing with others in their networks

Commit to praying for the economic, social and spiritual transformation of people being served through these Kingdom investments



Exposure to vetted and monitored missional businesses

Membership in a global, like-minded community of faith, committed to seeing lives transformed through Kingdom enterprises

Instant tax deduction for new donations with the ability to select investment opportunities over time

First-look at portfolio Kingdom enterprise opportunities before they become open to the public

Access to webinar conversations with portfolio CEOs & management teams

Opportunity to use your business talent to further Christ’s Kingdom supporting leaders across the globe

Invited to Centurion events featuring thought leaders, senior management, board members and client leadership

Opportunity to join “Impact in Action” trips to experience first-hand the work of Kingdom enterprises across the globe



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Impact Marketplace Centurions:

Jim and Judy B. – California

Mike and Janet B. – Maine

Ben and Kim C. – California

Paul and Lois H. – China

Jeff and Karin M. – New York

Peter & Monique T. – California


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