Our Purpose: To break the cycle of human trafficking, poverty and slavery in the Philippines by employing communities to produce top quality virgin coconut oil, water and shell powder.


Investment Target: $825K



Growth Finance Needed: Equity


Kingdom Impact:

To date, Dignity Coconuts has:


created 90 jobs



sourced coconuts from 150 local farmers



impacted 1,000 people in the local community.


Dignity Coconuts was created in 2010 with the corporate mission of creating jobs in order to address the global issues of poverty, human trafficking and slavery. Dignity Coconuts was created in the Philippines with the mission to double shareholder famer revenue, employ over 150 local staff in areas plagued by chronic unemployment and to transform the whole community in holistic ways

Dignity currently produces two primary products: Virgin Coconut Oil and Coconut Shell Powder. Sold in the US, Japan, and China, these premium products come from certified organic coconuts.

Dignity group has a long-term ambition of handing ownership of Dignity Coconuts over to the staff through an employee share acquisition scheme.

In June 2016, Dignity received $4M of members’ equity and $1M of debt.  The majority of these funds went to developing a Community Transformation Plant in the Philippines and engineering, marketing and oversight capability in the United States. Although significant time, effort, and money have been invested in developing production facilities ready to produce reasonable volumes, the business has not yet generated significant revenue.

Stephen Freed

CEO & Co-founder of Dignity Coconuts

CEO & Co-founder of Dignity Coconuts Stephen served as the CEO and President of International Teams from 1996-2005, and as International Director from 2005-2009, led over 1,000 staff in 61 countries. In 2009-2010, Stephen transitioned from International Director to establish … Read More

Erik Olson

Vice President of Dignity Coconuts

Erik started his business career at age 18 owning a branch of Student Works Painting in order to pay for tuition and provide summer jobs for his friends. After a year of humanitarian work in war-torn Iraq (2003-2004), Erik joined the … Read More

Shirley Manallo

Board Member of Dignity-Philippines and member of the Management Team

(Philippines)  Shirley lives in Badian, Oas, Albay, where for nearly 30 years she was the Officer-in-Charge of Grace Christian Missions Technical High School. Under Shirley’s leadership the school has become a magnet for students not only from the village of … Read More

Edith Sison

President Dignity-Philippines

(Philippines)  Edith L. Sison, and her husband, Gani started Datahandler Computer Center (DHCC) in 1981.  With over 50 employees, it became a major microcomputer dealer and systems analysis provider in the Philippines, supplying computers to banks, corporations and schools such as … Read More

Elna N. Cruz

Assistant to the Vice President for Legal and Financial Affairs

(Philippines)  Elna, a Filipina residing in Cavite Province and Manila, is an Attorney at Law, having passed the bar in 1980.  She is a CPA, and has received graduate level training in Christian leadership.  Elna has worked in management at … Read More

Market demand: The Philippines is the second largest producer of coconuts in the world, behind Indonesia, and is the world’s largest producer of coconut oil. Coconut Water is the fastest growing export, and coconut oil, Dignity Coconuts’ primary product, has also seen significant increase in demand. The increasing interest in the West for trendy, niche products like virgin coconut oil, coconut water and fresh coconuts suggests that Dignity may be well positioned to meet a portion of unmet coconut product demand in the longer term.

Products: Dignity Coconuts produces three primary products: Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut Water, and Coconut Shell Powder. Dignity produces a premium product for virgin coconut oil and coconut water to satisfy consumers with a need for greater flavor. In order to do this, Dignity sources certified organic coconuts from local farmers. Virgin Coconut Oil is by far Dignity’s leading product, projected to bring in 47%+ of total sales of all products.

Distribution: Dignity initially planned to operate as a focused production company, leveraging third parties for distribution. However, in 2015 Dignity raised funds to acquire the equipment and supplies to create a Dignity branded product giving them the capability to operate private label distribution. Dignity has enjoyed some early success in distributing in Hong Kong through WeHealth, a boutique health food store. In March 2017, Dignity got placed in the Midwest Meijer Supercenter (237 stores). In July 2017, they were approved with KeHE Distributors, one of the largest natural foods distributors. In September 2017, they launched in 651 stores across the east coast in Stop and Shop, Giant and Martins.

Although increased market penetration in the US seems promising, distribution of product is a risk for Dignity due to limited experience in working with distributors and large retailers.

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By 2020:


to create 450 jobs



empower 900 farmers



impact 6,000 lives


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