Our Purpose: We exist to Nurture, Educate and Inspire greatness in our learners. At Educor, we are raising tomorrow’s godly leaders today, through our system of schools that engage learners and their families in a unique way.


Investment Target: $500,000

Growth Finance Needed: Debt, 2 performance driven drawdown periods


Kingdom Impact:

Educor aims to be a global model in providing holistic learning experiences that will stimulate and inspire great and godly leaders of the future.


More than 300 children enrolled and receiving a strong Christian grounding through our schools


More than 60 employees – providing an economic base and a route to financial security to many families


A strong outreach program to help teach our children the virtues of giving to the less privileged and to give other children a hope for a better future.


Hundreds of pupils have benefited from our excellent education in the last eight years, with hundreds more currently enrolled.


Scholarship program for a number of our pupils from poor households, giving them access to high quality of education and a chance for a better future.

Educor Kenya Limited is an Early Childhood Education (ECE) provider, located in Nairobi, Kenya. Founded in 2010, the Company operates four schools in Nairobi: Brookside Montessori Centre, Gigiri Montessori House, Mountainview Montessori House and Brookside Preparatory School.  The kindergartens offer early childhood education based on the Montessori methodology. Although some cater to higher income families, their goal is to expand their presence into the lower income segment, because they believe in the transformational power of education. Educor schools provide a direct opportunity to influence future generations with the gospel from a young age.

  • 2010 – Educor brand was born. First campus opens doors to pupils
  • 2011 – Second Campus opens doors
  • 2015 – Elementary school begins enrolments
  • 2017 – Fourth Campus Opens doors
  • 2018 – Special Education Unit launched to provide support for inclusive education.

Prisca Muyodi

Ms Muyodi is passionate about early childhood education and has been funding and operating Educor Kenya Limited for 8 years. Her vision and charisma have earned her the trust of parents who place their children under her care. Prisca is … Read More

Mabel Watima

Operations Manager

Ms. Watima joined Educor 3 years ago as an Administrator at our head office branch and was recently promoted to Operations Manager. She is a brilliant manager and organizer who expertly juggles her duties to keep the wheels of Educor … Read More

Jeanette Kariuki

Administrator: Gigiri Montessori House

Jeanette joined Educor 4 years ago and is the face and voice of the school at our GMH campus. A capable administrator who has steered the school to great success. She holds a Diploma in Purchasing & Supplies Management.

Daniel Mutava

Head of Learning Support

Our Special Needs Education specialist who, together with his team, supports our teachers to achieve the best outcomes for our children. He holds a B. Ed Special Educational Needs and is tasked with developing a strong support program that will … Read More

Sarah Kangogo

Administrator: Brookside Preparatory School

Holds a Bachelor of Education degree and has more than 10 years’ experience in the education industry. She is tasked with growing our elementary school campus and has been an enthusiastic leader and motivator to her team at Prep School.

Simon Buluku

Group Accountant

Our patient accountant who does a great job of keeping the books balanced. Mr. Buluku is Certified Public Accountant and is definitely a key pillar to our management team. He holds a B.Com (Finance) and has more than 10 years’ … Read More

Fridah Mulumi

Head Teacher: Montessorihouse Mountainview

Head of our newest campus, Fridah is as energetic as the children we teach! Mountainview is our fastest growing campus, thanks to Fridah’s enthusiasm and dedication. She’s an expert in Early Childhood Education and holds a Diploma in Montessori studies.


Market Size:

About 8 million children in Kenya are aged between 0-8 years (about 21% of the population), and about 30% of school-age children in this age group are enrolled in private schools. In Nairobi, particularly, over 90% of the school-going children in the pre-school age group are enrolled in private schools.


Educor primarily serves middle to lower income families with young children, aged 0-10 year

Their customers typically experience 4 key pain points:

  • Long commutes to a good school
  • Lack of safe facilities for the care of toddlers (mothers only get 3 months’ maternity leave by law).
  • Poor regulation in the early years sector, leading to many low-quality centers
  • Affordability


Most pre-schools in Kenya are single units that are owner managed. With the exception of two international schools, all quality schools are restricted to 1-2 campuses concentrated in the upmarket areas of Nairobi.

Revenue Streams: 
• Tuition fees
• Extra-curricular activities
• School transport
• Holiday sessions
• Grounds hire

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Please contact the Impact Marketplace team for more information on Educor expansion plans

Educor has a unique opportunity to transform communities in service to God. Their education service has a long-term impact on learners and, by extension the communities they live in. Many of the pupils stay in Educor schools for 6-7 years. This gives Educor an opportunity to impact value and faith. Educor believes that as they reach out to more children through a growing program, they wil play a significant role in raising strong Christian communities wherever campuses are located.