Our Purpose: To return fashion to what it once was--about people, art, and valuing the producer and the planet just as much as the customer. Nisolo is intentionally designed, ethically made, and fairly priced.


Investment Target: $335,000 of a $3M round



Growth Finance Needed: Convertible equity offering


Kingdom Impact:

To date, Nisolo has:


Created 157 full time jobs



Supported 760+ livelihoods



Increased wages, 27% higher than fair trade wages and 140% average income increase per shoemaker in the Nisolo factory



Invested 3M+ USD into the local Peruvian economy



Ensured 100% of shoemakers’ children are attending school vs. only 50% of shoemakers themselves  having graduated from high school.


Taught over 100 professional development, financial literacy,  health, nutrition, and English to shoemakers and their families.


Helped 100% of their shoemakers enter the formal banking sector (only 10% had ever owned a bank account).


The Nisolo mission is to push the fashion industry in a more sustainable direction–where success is based on more than just offering the cheapest price–a direction that not only values exceptional design, but the producer and the planet just as much as the end consumer.

In late 2011, Co-Founders Patrick Woodyard & Zoe Cleary left business and fashion careers to start Nisolo after meeting Willan Ulloa, a shoemaker in Trujillo, Peru. The opportunity: to fill the void in the U.S. market for well designed, ethically made, fairly priced footwear and accessories. Situated in a fashion industry characterized as the second most pollutive in the world and one in which 98% of the labor force does not receive a living wage, Patrick and Zoe co-founded Nisolo with a better vision: to return fashion to what it once was–about people, art, and valuing the producer and the planet just as much as the customer.

Nisolo is now based in Nashville, TN and Trujillo, Peru and currently sustains the livelihoods of over 550 people with beyond fair trade wages across Peru, Mexico, Kenya, and the U.S. Nisolo believes in building community when building a business, they have a deep investment and commitment to the communities in which they operate with over 100 classes taught to producers and families including professional development,financial literacy, health, nutrition, English, etc.

Nisolo aims to become a household name brand known for an exceptional product and industry-leading ethics throughout the supply chain. Together with producers, the Nisolo team is committed to developing beautiful, quality products and ensuring that everyone—from the first supplier to the last customer–is treated with the respect and dignity that they deserve.

Patrick Woodyard

Co-Founder & CEO

Patrick firmly believes the fashion industry can be transformed in our lifetimes, he hopes Nisolo will help lead this change. Hall of Fame SMBHC & Croft Institute Graduate; Has founded or led 9 different organizations in the past decade; Forbes 30 Under … Read More

Zoe Cleary

Co-Founder & Designer

Zoe left posts with multi-billion dollar retail companies in pursuit of building a leading brand in the ethical fashion space in order to help push the fashion industry in a more sustainable direction. Fashion MBA, Fashion Management; Bergdorf Goodman; Aeropostale; Founded … Read More

Daryl Edwards

VP, Production Peru

The impact on the lives of our team and their families that I have the opportunity to lead in Nisolo’s factory is direct, tangible, and profound. Being a part of the reason why someone for the first time in their … Read More

Becky Bailey Hansen

VP of Finance & Operations

In evaluating a large number of social enterprises during my time at Wharton and as an advisor at Agora Partnerships, I found Nisolo the most compelling. Nisolo’s success as a business directly affects the number of livelihoods we are able … Read More

Travis Gravette

VP of Business Development

It’s our shared vision of pushing the fashion industry in a more sustainable direction that gets me out of bed every morning. To be honest, I’m not overly passionate about the latest fashion trend, but I do understand the opportunity … Read More

2011: Patrick & Zoe launch Nisolo.com and sell $100,000 of shoes in 2.5 months after a year’s worth of product development in Peru

2012: Nisolo establishes permanent residence in Nashville, TN.


  • Nisolo participates in Agora Partnerships and The Unreasonable Institute’s accelerator programs.
  • Nisolo solidifies $600,00 SBA financing loan.


  • Nisolo expands the executive team, adding Becky Bailey as VP of Finance & Ops and Daryl Edwards as GM in Peru factory.
  • Nisolo produces 10,000 pairs of shoes and surpasses $1.5M in cumulative revenue.


  • Nisolo acquires Red Earth Trading Co and brings on CEO, Travis Gravette, as executive team member and VP of Marketing & Sales.
  • Nisolo drops 85+ wholesale accounts to focus fully on E-Commerce and completes the year with nearly 150% revenue growth.


  • Nisolo launches convertible equity round, raising $1.5M.
  • Nisolo doubles the size of the Peru team to 80+ shoemakers.
  • Nisolo faces production scale challenges in Peru and expands partnerships into Mexico with major ethical factories.


  • Nisolo establishes 4 new key revenue streams across E-Commerce channel.
  • Nisolo raises another $1M in convertible equity.
  • Nisolo produces over 50,000 pairs of shoes and surpasses $10M in cumulative historical revenue.
  • Nisolo establishes a new factory facility in Peru and solidifies supply chain across Mexico and Kenya.

Market demand: Nisolo is nestled in a $13B online market for footwear in the U.S. alone, where consumers are actively seeking greater brand intimacy as well as social and environmentally sustainable products. 85% of all consumers and 91% of millennials are willing to change brand loyalty if there is an associated cause and price/quality are comparable; 66% would pay more for sustainable goods.

Products: Nisolo sells intentionally designed, ethically made, competitively priced leather footwear direct to consumer through an online website. They are expanding into other leather goods and jewelry.

Traction: Nisolo’s brand equity is strong, with a social media following of over 150,000 and email list over 200,000. Nisolo has sold product in all 50 US states and 75+ countries around the world. They have sold 80,000+ units to date.

Pricing: Nisolo boasts products almost half the price of traditional luxury shoe companies. Nisolo can be price disruptive because they offer direct to consumer pricing sold through a low-cost e-commerce platform.

Distribution: Nisolo primarily sells via its own E-Commerce website with top 5 U.S. cities including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Nashville, and Washington D.C. Through E-Commerce, Nisolo reaches more customers and reduces operating expenses. With an exceptional, elegant, and clean digital shopping experience, Nisolo offers free shipping on orders over $150, 100-day guarantee policy, and a handwritten note to every consumer who joins their mission when purchasing Nisolo products.

Operations: Patrick Woodyard and Zoe Cleary own the Peruvian factory, Creatra, where the majority of Nisolo products are produced. Nisolo also works with 4 separate ethical factories in Mexico and supports independent artisans in Kenya through the jewelry line.

Please contact the Impact Marketplace team for more information on Nisolo financials


Please contact the Impact Marketplace team for more information on Nisolo expansion plans.


By 2025:


Create 3,500+ full time jobs and 1,100,000 ethical consumers



Support 17,500+ livelihoods


Maintain higher than 27%+ fair trade wages and maintain or grow 140% average income increase per shoemaker in the Nisolo factory



Invest 30M+ USD into the local Peruvian economy



Maintain 100% of producers’ children attending school


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