Oasis International

Our Purpose: To satisfy Africa’s Thirst for God’s Word


Investment Target: $1.5 M

Growth Finance Needed: Debt


Kingdom Impact:

For over 2 decades, Oasis has:


Published 150  titles



Distributed 7 million books and Bibles



Published and launched the Africa Study Bible


Trained tens-of-thousands of pastors and leaders using the Africa Study Bible and the Life Application Study Bible in at least a dozen African countries

Oasis is a not-for-profit publishing company that identifies Christian, African authors and publishes their books throughout Africa to support evangelism and spiritual growth.  Beginning work in Nigeria as a spin-out from SIM/ECWA’s literature ministry in 1995, Oasis has distributed seven million books in 14 African countries. African authors often lack access to professional editorial and design services. Oasis’ authors, while experts on their subjects are often first-time book authors. Oasis coaches them through the editorial process, producing books that will enrich the whole body of Christ.

Oasis International is a ministry devoted to fostering a robust and sustainable Pan-African publishing industry.
• They engage Africa’s most influential, most relevant, and best communicators for the sake of the Gospel.
• They cultivate local and global partnerships in order to publish and distribute high-quality books and Bibles.
• They contextualize content that meets the specific needs of Africa, has the power to transform individuals and societies, and gives the African Church a global voice.

  • 1978 Oasis founded, publishing and distributing low-cost books and Bibles in the 2/3 world to provide the Church with discipleship resources
  • 1998 Oasis takes over failing bookshops in Nigeria, restoring financial viability and continuing to provide Christian literature to the world’s third-largest protestant country.
  • 2004 Oasis begins to publish and print what would eventually become 150 titles and will eventually distribute seven million books and Bibles, including significant titles such as The Purpose Driven Life and the Africa Bible Commentary. Oasis’s emphasis begins to shift from publishing low-cost versions of previously existing titles to creating original books by African authors in 2016.
  • 2010 Research begins on the feasibility and need for an African-oriented study Bible.
  • 2011 Work begins on this Bible.
  • 2017 The Africa Study Bible, is published, launched in four countries, and distribution begins of the first 65,000 copies printed.
  • 2018 The Bible is in use in 16 countries. The ASB for Pastors program has distributed Bibles and training in their use in over 12 countries. Five Bibles and 11 books (all Oasis original products) are in the publication pipeline.

Dr. Matthew Elliott

President of Oasis International and Project Director for the Africa Study Bible

Dr. Matthew Elliott serves as President of Oasis International and Project Director for the Africa Study Bible. He has a BA in Economics and MA in New Testament Studies from Wheaton College, and a MT in New Testament and PhD … Read More

Jeremy D Johnson

Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Publishing and Distribution

Jeremy serves Oasis International as the Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Publishing and Distribution. A 30+ year veteran of the global printing and publishing industry, he is dedicated to equipping God’s people with the Bible and life-changing resources … Read More

Natalie Cameron

Assistant to the President

Natalie is Assistant to the President and Digital Media Manager. She assists Matthew Elliott in daily administrative tasks, fundraising, and travel coordination, and leads the development of Oasis and the Africa Study Bible’s digital media presence (social media, website, enews, … Read More

Tammy Martin

Publishing and Sales Coordinator

Tammy Martin is the Publishing and Sales Coordinator, she assists COO/VP of Publishing and Distributions in the implementation of Oasis International’s publishing and distribution operations. She is responsible for maintaining various information systems that track inventory, royalty payments, and Print … Read More

Hannah Rasmussen

Associate Acquisitions Editor

As associate acquisitions editor, Hannah Rasmussen identifies potential authors and works with them to craft a finished book. Hannah grew up as a missionary kid in Tanzania and Kenya. She studied English and Sociology at Macalester College and is pursuing … Read More

Laura Livingston

Resource Development Officer

Laura Livingston is the Resource Development Officer, connecting people passionate about Satisfying Africa’s Thirst for God’s Word with Oasis. During 34 years of living in West Africa, she was a guest lecturer, scholarship administrator and director of the women’s educational … Read More

Products: The ASB is the Oasis flagship product.  However, a variety of other Bibles and formats are sold or under development.  Oasis works with copyright holders of Bible translations (e.g. Tyndale) to offer very low-cost products in Africa.

Manufacturing: Editorial and other product development work is done in the U.S. and in various African locations., while printing is done in India.

Sales: All sales are done at the wholesale level through a direct sales model.  Oasis works with local wholesalers, retailers, church networks, and mission groups who purchase in quantity and then sell to individual customers.

Partnerships: Distribution is done entirely through partnerships with African bookstores and entrepreneurs. The ASB itself was developed in partnership with a network of over 350 pastors and scholars throughout Africa.

Distribution: Is done through a wholly owned entity, Oasis Publishing Africa, in South Africa and Oasis ships directly to partner distributors in other English markets.

Please contact the Impact Marketplace team for more information on Oasis financials

Please contact the Impact Marketplace team for more information on Oasis expansion plans

The current capital will be used to fund the printing and delivery of Oasis’s books and Bibles for a production and supply chain that can be up to 24-36 months long. Oasis needs capital to expand from four core markets to active distribution in all 24 countries of Anglophone Africa so that the 200 million English-speaking Church members are equipped with relevant and affordable discipleship materials. If Oasis is able to succeed within 3-5 years in English, they plan to use this knowledge to begin work in French and Portuguese, where there is an even greater need.

Oasis goals for 2020:

  • Transition editorial, sales, social media, and marketing activities to Africa.
  • Continue identifying local partnerships and provide training and support to establish a distribution infrastructure that will have books available throughout English-speaking Africa by the end of 2021.
  • Complete translation of notes for ASB French Edition, print 75,000 copies and launch in 3 markets.
  • Launch digital hub with a full-content library to resource preaching and teaching, that pays royalties to authors and available at a low monthly cost to pastors and leaders.
  • Equip 25,000 pastors, leaders, and students annually with the ASB, then expand the program to French-speaking Africa.
  • Print 1 million copies of the ASB Gospel of Luke.
  • Print and distribute at least 25,000 yearly of each of the African Edition Text Bible, the Africa Study Bible Student Edition, and the African Edition Self-help Bible.
  • Publish 45 new titles by African Authors.
  • Provide local businesses with marketing expertise, help with web presence, and marketing coaching and materials.