Our Purpose: Sunshine Nut Co. is a cashew company harnessing the food industry to create lasting economic transformation in Mozambique. Our cashews are grown, roasted and packaged in-country, allowing us to capture unparalleled freshness and flavor while also transforming lives throughout our supply chain. We reinvest 90% of our profits into the community: 30% toward orphan care, 30% toward farming community upliftment, 30% toward replicating the business model elsewhere.


Investment Target: $2M



Growth Finance Needed: Interest rates vary on term


Kingdom Impact:

To date, Sunshine Nut Co. has:



Supported 6900 local cashew farmers with each container of cashews




Employed 30 local employees who were orphaned or abandoned in their youth




Built 3 Sunshine Houses that pair widows with orphans to create homes


Sunshine Nut Co. is run using the “Sunshine Approach” business model of Corporate Social Responsibility: Financial, Environmental, Social and Transformational impact. The main goal is to permanently transform the lives of those who live in communities where Sunshine operates. 

Sunshine Nut Company is a cashew nut production and distribution company, founded in 2011 in Matola, Mozambique by Don Larson. It’s mission is to transform the lives of the poor and orphaned in Africa through the development of a profitable cashew business that delivers exploited local growers a fair market for their product.

The enterprise works with smallholder farmers to develop a market that will pay them fairly, providing employment for young men and women who were orphaned or abandoned in their youth.

Beyond fair sourcing and manufacturing in-country, the company is committed to giving 90% of distributed profits back to the poor and orphaned through transformative initiatives: 30% support rural farming communities with “hand-up” assistance, 30% to caring for orphans and vulnerable children, and 30% to creating new transformative food companies in Africa.

The Sunshine approach model has received praise from the G8’s GrowAfrica summit and Technoserve as a lasting solution to extreme poverty.


2011: Founder leaves The Hershey Company and relocates his family to Mozambique to start Sunshine Nut Company.

2012: A facility in Matola is renovated and equipped for production and Sunshine begins building a global cashew brand.

February 2014: Sunshine exports its first delivery of packaged cashews to Pick ‘n Pay stores – one of the largest retailers in South Africa.

September 2014: Sunshine launches with Ahold USA, the parent company of Giant, Martins, and Stop & Shop, into 800+ stores.

January 2015: Sunshine begins a retail partnership with US based Whole Foods/Amazon – gaining distribution in five of its national regions.

December 2016: Sunshine expands to three major distributors (C&S, UNFI, KeHE) and expands store count to over 2,000. November 2017: Sunshine Nut Co. cashews now available in 3,000 stores across the US and sold out four times on the home shopping network QVC, solidifying a contract for a segment every 6 weeks.

Q1 2017: Sunshine holds two segments on the home shopping network QVC, selling out on both and solidifying a contract for a segment every 6 weeks.

Don Larson

Founder & CEO

Don has over 25-years’ experience in the global food processing industry, including 13-years as an executive at The Hershey Company, one of the world’s leading cocoa buyers. Specialized in turn-around assignments across manufacturing, industrial engineering, strategic sourcing, global sourcing, commodities … Read More

Terri Larson

Director of Social Impact

Terri is the Executive Director and President of The Sunshine Approach Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit charity operating in Mozambique, funded by The Sunshine Nut Company and donors. The vision of Sunshine Approach Foundation is to work in conjunction with the … Read More

Luis Canotilho

Engineering and Maintenance Manager

Luis has worked in Portugal, Angola, and Mozambique in operations and manufacturing roles. He was employment experience at Total, Capital Star Steel, and Angola Explorations Mining Resources. Luis holds a mechanical engineering degree from Eduardo Mondlane University in Mozambique and … Read More

Binario Fumo

Production Manager

Binario is a former factory employee that demonstrated leadership and was promoted to manager in Q1 of 2017

Prescila Canotilho

Factory Manager

Previously Prescila worked as the Factory Manager for the company that occupied Sunshine Nut Co. factory buildings. Her strengths are: administration, human resources, and quality assurance.

Market Demand: The global cashew market has been growing steadily for the past decade. The market is highly competitive with many global and local competitors vying for shelf space, but demand for cashew and other healthier snack food products are expected to increase over the next five years.

Distribution: Executive team network and experience has led to strong growth in product distribution. Sunshine Nuts currently sells its products in 48 out of 50 US states. Sunshine currently has an ongoing deal with QVC for a segment every 6 weeks for 10,000 cases of nuts ($400,000 in sales) per segment, marketed to 350 million QVC customers with plans for UK expansion. Sunshine has had enquiry from additional  international distributors, but is limiting expansion until it can increase working capital.

Branding: Sunshine’s marketing strategy slogan is ‘Providing hope has never tasted so good’. It aims to integrate freshness, quality and great taste with its social mission. The brand has been featured in Forbes Magazine, Christian Science Monitor, Skoll World Forum, One.org, and Longevity Magazine.

Pricing: Pricing at this early stage is deliberately lower than competitors while still aiming to generate profits at an annual sales rate of ~$2m. There is room to increase pricing once brand equity grows.

Please contact the Impact Marketplace team for more information on Sunshine Nut Co. Financials.

Short-term: Sunshine has the capacity to meet the increased demand for its products from QVC and other new distribution channels that they have recently acquired, but require the working capital to fulfill the orders. The Company will also focus its efforts on paying off debt in the next five years.

Long-term:  Sunshine founders are dedicated to running the enterprise as a family-led company, fully committed to its mission of social and spiritual transformation in the communities that it impacts. Recognizing key-man risk, Sunshine is working on building a robust team of Mozambique nationals as the company grows.

By 2024, Sunshine Nut Co. will:


Build 2 factories, Cambodia and Ghana



Expand factory in Mozambique



Impact the lives of 250,000 cashew farmers


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