Our Purpose: Facilitate the transfer, from one generation to the next, of knowledge of God, his word, his world and of a classical education believed by Veritas to be the best for children from kindergarten to grade 12.


Investment Target: $1M



Growth Finance Needed: Unsecured loan note, 10% interest, on a five-year term


Kingdom Impact:

To date, Veritas Press has:


10,000 students taking classes every year



3,347 students involved in the Diploma Program


$1,227,642 in scholarships awarded in 2016 to 18 out of 34 graduates

Veritas Press provides a classical education from a Christian worldview.  Formed in 1997 by husband and wife team Marlin and Laurie Detweiler, Veritas serves over 15,000 families in over 50 countries. Starting with books and flashcards, Veritas has evolved into Omnibus courses, the Phonics museum (available on iStore) and online classes.  With a goal to serve children in all school grades, Veritas creates products to be used throughout the educational journey.

Through the medium of education, Veritas seeks to influence the next generation to follow Christ by instilling the truth of God’s word into their hearts and minds (Matthew 22:37).  The founders seek to ensure that not only is their curriculum among the best available, but that the curriculum is designed from a classical Christian view to help restore a culture for Christ, one young heart and mind at a time.

The company’s courses are claimed to be the most awarded classical homeschool curriculum. The Veritas Press online school is accredited by Middle States Association, the same accreditation of Princeton University and the University of Pennsylvania.  National US educational policy has recently focused on removing Christian influence from the school curriculum which means that those wanting a Christian education are obliged to turn to providers such as Veritas Press.

1996 – The very first history flashcards were created by Marlin & Laurie Detweiler.

1997 – First brochure sent out

1998 – First catalog mailed to 32,000 recipients

1999 – Bible flashcards released

2000 – Phonics Museum was released

2002 – First comprehension guides published

2005 – Omnibus I released

2006 – First live online course

2008 – First self-paced history course released – Old Testament & Ancient Egypt

2009 – Four remaining self-paced history courses

2012 – Veritas Scholars Academy’s first graduating class

2012 – Pages of History published

2013 – Bede’s History of Me and US published

2013 – First self-paced Omnibus courses released

2013 – Legends and Leagues geography curriculum completed

2014 – First self-paced Bible courses released

2015 – Veritas Scholars Academy achieves Middle States accreditation

2016 – VeritasBible.com – The Most exciting way for Children to Learn the Bible was launched

2016 – History of Art Series published

2017 – Phonics Museum – Where Children Learn to Read – iOS App was launched

Marlin Detweiler


Marlin is the husband of Laurie and the father of four grown sons. He and his wife have been involved in many aspects of classical Christian education since 1992—including founding The Geneva School in Orlando, Florida, and Veritas Academy in … Read More

Laurie Detweiler

Executive Vice President

Laurie is the wife of Marlin and the mother of four grown children. She now enjoys the multi-generational benefit of classical education through her grandchildren. She has been involved in classical Christian education for over 25 years and co-authored the … Read More

Brandon Detweiler

Director of Marketing

Brandon is son number two in the Detweiler family, but is often number one in everyone’s hearts. His knowledge and experience in classical education is extensive as he played a critical role in the development of much of the Veritas … Read More

Bob Cannon

VP Educational Services/Headmaster

Dr. Robert J. Cannon is Vice President of Educational Services at Veritas Press and Headmaster of Veritas Scholars Academy (VSA). Dr. Cannon has served in K-12 and collegiate environments for most of his career, having led a charter school as … Read More

Carl Petticoffer

VP Curriculum Development

Carl Petticoffer manages development of new curriculum, along with maintaining and updating existing curriculum.  He oversees catalog production, eCommerce, distribution, and publishing of our own educational titles. Carl brings order to our rapidly growing operations. In addition Carl greatly enjoys … Read More

Veritas Press operates in a growing market for home-schooling.  When VP launched, there were approximately 850,000 students being home-schooled.  This has now risen to an estimated 1.8 million pupils, which represents an increase of 109% over 13 years (with an increase since 2003 of 62%).  Assuming annual home-schooling course costs range between $400 and $1,200 implies the current market for home-schooling supplies and services is potentially worth over $2 billion.


Through good margins and award-winning products, Veritas has been able to build and maintain a sound, profitable business.  The Veritas Press online school is the largest classical school available online, offering its products either in units or credits, or as an Omnibus compendium of all resources required for a subject or an age group.  The average sales per student is around $400 per annum.


The company’s main competitors fall into two areas, curriculum providers and online schools

Products are primarily in English but it has entered into a joint venture with a Brazilian company to translate some of its products into Portuguese.


The company produces one catalogue each year which it releases in May.

  • Veritas scholars’ academy (VSA) – delivers on demand and sequential courses to students.
  • Self-paced online courses – on demand online courses providing games, memory devices, tests, activities etc to teach history, Bible and literature.
  • Omnibus – a print and online course that on demand providing games, memory devices, tests, activities etc to teach literature, history and theology.
  • Live online – the sequential course work done online through VSA.
  • Veritas Bible – online environment that teaches the self-paced Bible curriculum in an engaging way with broader uses than just as curriculum.
  • Diploma programme – the full-time, accredited programme through VSA that provides a diploma level course.
  • Additional products – Phonics museum; flash cards, classically cursive, Bede’s history, First favourites, Pages of history.


65% of sales are online and almost all registrations for live and self-paced courses are also online. Veritas has recruited a school salesperson who promotes the ‘Single Source’ service where school’s gain financial and efficiency advantages from ordering all their curriculum material requirements through Veritas.

The company is in partnership with World News Group (publishers of WORLD magazine); the Association of classical and Christian school; Great home-school conventions; and Home schoolers buyers co-op.

Please contact the Impact Marketplace team for more information on Veritas Press financials

To finance the development of additional digital products. Veritas has successfully deployed the Phonics Museum app and needs to add one more year of content to complete it. Additionally, the self-paced grammar school history courses need to be moved from Flash technology to HTML5. Other projects are in early planning and development stages, as well.

Veritas is working towards content creation for every discipline in every grade, kindergarten through 12th, including:
– Completing the content for the Phonics Museum app
– Recreating the five self-paced history courses from Flash to HTML5
– Completing a two-year rhetoric curriculum
– Completing a two-year composition curriculum
– Getting to 50% completion of a five-year science curriculum