Our Purpose: Is to transform the Egyptian community by equipping and empowering a new generation from the inside out. We believe this happens through character building, education and leadership development of the country’s youth.


Investment Target: $4.5M

Growth Finance Needed: debt/equity hybrid round


Kingdom Impact:


113,500 campers served since 2010



846 parent and child camper pairs served



70 partner organizations across the world


WellSpring Egypt is an organization committed to serving the Egyptian community through teaching, modeling, and equipping the New Generation with the tools necessary to transform their lives and lives around them. Their camps, leadership programs, and family development programs are based on moral values that can be applied to everyday life. WellSpring serves schools, universities, governmental institutions, and non-governmental organizations to maximize the number of youth impacted each year.

  • 2010 to 2012 – WellSpring partnered with over 50 local schools and had over 10,000 people in attendance.
  • 2013 to 2015 – WellSpring reached over 50,000 people through camps and other events.
  • 2016  –  Reached 40,000 people through overnight sports camps, day camps, father and child camps, mother and child camps, sports day camps for 50 different governmental schools located outside Cairo, overnight and day camps for local schools and international camps in many different camp locations including Poland and The United States.
  • 2016-2018 – Continued growth and expansion, serving 174,000 campers

Maged Fawzy


Maged first got involved in sports ministry in 1996 as part of Kasr El Dobara church, which has an extensive sports and community outreach program. His role in the church involved leading the sports program with Egypt’s Sports Ministry, which … Read More

Maged Wissa

General Manager

Maged oversees the Leadership, Finance, HR, Administrative and Customer Service departments. He has 20+ years of experience as the former head of purchasing in Edita Food Industries, one of the leading FMCG companies in Egypt and the Middle East. He … Read More

Rafik Ramez


Rafik oversees the Operations and Sales & Marketing teams. He has over 10 years of experience working in camps and previously worked in church camps with Maged. He received his Bachelor of Business Administration from Cairo University.

WellSpring fills the gap in the market for experiential learning opportunities offered to kids outside of school. This gap is a result of insufficiently trained employees/educators and the lack of qualified facilities that are equipped to host camps. The camp market in Egypt is estimated at over $300 million, however, WellSpring faces market competition from universities churches and other organizations. Despite this WellSpring enjoys a majority market share of 70%.

WellSpring maintains a competitive advantage through its reputation for superior industry knowledge, highly-trained and experienced staff, well-equipped facility, as well as its wide range of programs offered. It is the only player to offer programs to public schools and the first company to offer camps for companies in Egypt. It also has a strong global network of partners and is backed by international investors.


  • Day camps
  • Overnight camps
  • Parents & Child


  • Corporates
  • Government
  • National and international private schools
  • International camps
  • Other NGOs

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